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Here I explain in German why I recommend Telegram.
Out of personal conviction, I don’t use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or similar.

OpenPGP Key

If you want to send encrypted data/emails via OpenPGP:

OpenPGP Key: 0x6D53A50ABED017D2
Fingerprint: 44F9 78C4 1824 4FF7 B6F0 AB80 6D53 A50A BED0 17D2

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Source code repositories can be found on Codeberg and GitHub.

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Company headquarters

Through the magic of the internet, I can be reached from anywhere.
But if you do want to visit me:

🏢 Main office

91785 Pleinfeld
Bavaria (Middle franconia), Germany

💼 Branch office

83278 Traunstein
Bavaria (Upper bavaria), Germany