What will you be investing in my work and therefore in your IT security?

My net hourly rate is:

120 €

What you get:
A one-stop-shop for tried and tested advice on implementing more data security in your business, competent IT consultation, and carefully prepared documentation.

I bill in 15-minute increments.

150 €

is my rate for working with proprietary software.

What exactly does that mean?
Imagine you’ve bought a house, but you aren’t allowed to see the plans of the building. You get to live in your house and use it, but only in the ways the architect intended. That means: whenever you press a switch, a light goes on. So far, so good. But what you don’t know is whether this information is forwarded to the architect – or anyone else, for that matter. And anything you want to change or improve costs money. On top of the regular licensing fees that the builder charges you for using the house you already bought.

That’s exactly how proprietary software works. The source code is never available for review, so you can never be sure the owner is not using your data for himself or even secretly secretly spying on you. And you can’t adapt the software or change it based on what you need, either. Plus, you get more and more dependent on this provider – what’s known as the lock-in-effect.

I can do

good, fast, and cheap

You get to choose exactly two 😁

Frequently asked questions

Why do I charge extra for working with non-free software?

When we work with non-free software (proprietary software, meaning the source code is not openly available), no one profits apart from the company that developed the software. This increases your dependence on the software producer. And if the company decides to change direction – for example abandoning its founding values and approach – you have no option other than to stop using their software. This is known as the vendor lock-in effect. At that point, switching providers involves resources and costs which, as I see it, could have been invested in meaningful projects.

That’s why I donate the difference to my normal hourly rate directly to FOSS projects I think are worth supporting. I do this to strengthen the OpenSource community.

An example of the discrepancy between company strategy and data security in proprietary software

It is not possible for a business to use Windows 10 Home® and Windows 10 Professional® in ways compatible with the EU’s GDPR. The only way to square the circle is to expend considerable resources – at the risk of still needing to redo every configuration any time a new update is issued for either of these versions.

Windows 10 Enterprise® and Windows 10 Education®, on the other hand, can be used in ways compatible with data protection – always provided you have the necessary expertise. Now, these versions cost far more than the other two. But I’m sure that’s for perfectly legitimate reasons...

How long will I be available, and what are the costs likely to be?

We can sort out your basic questions in a non-binding initial consultation – you don’t have to commit to anything. That allows you to calculate what the overall price will be, without any nasty surprises later.

Why is the hourly rate higher than average?

I want us to work together consciously because we share a dedication to data security and values-based business practices. What I can offer is practice-oriented, sustainable IT architecture for your company, not a one-size-fits-all IT service.

What about discounts?

My hourly rate is just as negotiable as the scope in which we work together. So if the hourly rate is too high for you, but you definitely want to work with me and I share your vision, I am happy to find an individual price we can both agree on.

Some examples:

  • You want to transition fully to OpenSource software.
  • Your company pursues a sustainable strategy and goals (organic food market, package-free store, Economy for the Common Good member company, etc.).
  • You run a non-profit company.

You’ve come to the right place if

✅ You want to regain control of your data

Independence from Big Tech is important to you

✅ You want to transition to free OpenSource systems without giving up convenience

✅ You are open to compromises and are looking for IT solutions that suit your personal values

Why I can help

I’ve already been where you may be right now: I wanted to stop being dependent on Big Tech corporations and was looking to regain my data sovereignty. So I learned more and more about open software and switched my own company to run entirely on free software. I dived deep into the topic and taught myself everything there is to know about data security. Since 2020, I have been sharing this knowledge with the world on my blog for free.

What you gain by choosing me as your IT professional

✅ You can relax because you don’t have to worry about your company data any more

✅ You get a handle on your own IT, along with easy-to-understand explainations of complex information

✅ You get advice, recommendations, and solutions that I design specifically based on you and your company

You want more security now?

Then get in touch! I look forward to your message on Telegram.