I’m Christian,
your sustainable IT consultant.

I’m Christian,
your sustainable IT consultant

By your side on the road to digital data sovereignty!

My mission: Your data security

You’re a freelancer or run a small to mid-sized business and want…

✅ a clear overview of your data and IT systems?

protection for your company data?

privacy for client communication and messages?

security for your company – because online espionage is easy and happens every day?

✅ support from an experienced IT professional who is available whenever you have questions and gives you comprehensible explanations of complex topics?

sustainable, unconventional IT solutions that align with your values and keep you independent from Big Tech corporations?

My vision: Your digital transformation

My name is Christian, and your data security matters to me.

How I can help give you back control over your company IT systems? I assess the software, tools, and communications systems you need for your business and recommend free OpenSource software where you can be sure that your data stays yours. I look for easy-to-use options that fit your work routines: practical and authentic solutions.

Technology isn’t really your thing, but you’d still like to understand your company’s IT infrastructure? I’m happy to support you in getting a handle on your IT, in keeping an eye on your data, and by answering any questions you have. Or are you looking for a comprehensive plan that your internal IT department can implement later? I love developing, planning, and structuring processes for efficiency. In me, you’ve found a partner who supports OpenSource software and emphasizes sustainable solutions. Let’s transform your company together!

My passion: Why I am the right IT consultant for you

Even as a teenager, I was fascinated by IT – so I turned my passion into my job. And when in 2012 Edward Snowden made public that unencrypted digital communication can be tapped, read, and stored for unlimited periods of time, my eyes were opened.

To me, that felt like a violation of basic rights, so I started to take an intensive interest in data security. Gradually, I shifted SWEETGOOD to free software and encrypted connections. I tested practical tutorials myself in order to combine the best of both worlds: high-quality, free software for your IT security, and optimum usability.

As an OpenSource enthusiast, in 2016 I shifted my focus fully to data security, sovereignty, and freedom. There’s one simple reason: I live my values in my business, too.

What OpenSource can offer you

OpenSource means you get not just me, but a huge community of developers constantly working to further improve your software and security. By choosing OpenSource, you are taking a stand for a secure digital future. And you can use these high-quality systems regardless of your income.

You want to choose OpenSource software in your company and feel secure both online and when communicating with your clients? Profit from my knowledge and experience – I will find you a tailor-made, practical solution!

The advantages of working with me

👉 Personal consultation: I am available for your questions any time

👉 We are shaping the future of your business: A seamless transition to free software

👉 Individual tips for practical application: My solutions are tailored exactly to your needs

👉 Values-oriented: I adapt my IT to your company philosophy

👉 Business for the common good: do good by using free software

Good reasons for working with me

💡 Practical: I develop security concepts which are geared toward your business needs and make your processes more efficient.

🧑‍🎓 Trained: IT is my specialty, and I regularly participate in continuing development! I switched by business to free software using the “learning by doing” model and am happy to help you make the same transition.

⭐️ Bespoke: I love a challenge! As a consultant, I listen and adapt to you and your business in order to finde the solution that will fit you best.

🔍 Transparent: I answer any open questions you have before we start working together, so that you know exactly which of my offers is right for you.

What’s important to me in my work as IT consultant

My vision: As a digitalization pathfinder, I advocate OpenSource software that stands for respect, rights, and transparency. Values are important to me, which is why I live them in my business.

Sustainability is a matter close to my heart, both in business and in my private life: I love nature and exploring wide open spaces, and I enjoy hiking and walks.

That is why my company and server centers are fed exclusively with clean energy, and my company accounts are with a sustainable bank.

My company membership in the Economy for the Common Good movement is another important expression of my socio-ecological stance.

Profit-hungry corporations, meanwhile, can stay out. I neither recommed services offered by Big Tech (MAMAA), nor do I source materials or services through or from such corporations.

Do you want to work together to level up your IT and set your company on the path of data independence?

Let’s get started now!

You’re ready to get started together?

Then get in touch! I look forward to your message on Telegram.