With many highs, lows, and developments

Five years have gone by since I founded my company SWEETGOOD. A good time to look back at the past years and say Thank you: to you as one of my clients and companions on this path – your loyalty and regular commissions are what have made this development possible for me and my company in the first place.

Y O U !

I have already written at length about the emotional backstory behind moving the company from my home town of Spalt to Weißenburg in 2019. So here are a few short facts and figures about the development of the company over the years.




May 2016 Founding of SWEETGOOD
· IT services
· “Web design, graphics, and layout”
· Software development
2016 Philipp joins the company as software developer
2016 Project iventpla.net
2016 Start of project maeg.net


2017 Start of projects spalt.plus, BarOS
September 2017 Move to Rother Str. 1 in Spalt after considerable renovation


2018 2018 homepage
January 2018 New pricing structure
June 2018 Melanie joins the company as media designer
August 2018 Software developer Philipp leaves the company
December 2018 Opening of the repair café in Spalt


February 2019 Closing of the repair café in Spalt
February 2019 Move to Weißenburg i. Bay.
November 2019 New company direction for SWEETGOOD


April 2020 andersGOOD Blog goes online
April 2020 Membership application for the Economy of the Common Good movement


January 2021 Position as Coordinator of International IT with the Economy of the Common Good movement
February 2021 Media designer Melanie leaves the company
May 2021 Five-year anniversary of SWEETGOOD
Mid-May 2021 Relaunch of sweetgood.de
June 2021 Move to Pleinfeld

Early drafts for the company logo

Evolution of the logo design

Evolution of the thumbnail logo